Current WiPs

This is what I’m currently working on
  • NaNo Novel 2012

I’m working on the first draft of this, currently. Over 26k in and it’s going pretty well.

I’ll write more of an overview when I’m done writing it, I won’t know what twists the story will take as I write it until they appear. One such twist happened yesterday, the 13th, and I got a nice, emotion filled chapter that I’m working on gentling down and finishing up.

  • When I Needed You Most (tentative title)
Update: Finished the ms and have gone over it with a general editing comb. Next pass will get more in-depth.
A story of discovery, a YA lesbian love story. My NaNo ’10 novel. There are things I knew, even as I typed them, that would need heavy rework. One scene sounds like the crappiest, sappiest family sitcom type of ‘moral of the story’ ending, but I got the gist of what the scene was /for/ down and I will focus on that part when I go back to rewrite. I also thought of a couple of plot inconsistencies and parts that were too vague or that I left hanging…but again, something I can focus on during rewrite.
  • HR (working, abbreviated title)

Update:I got the original rough draft, but notes are gone, really gone. I do want to continue, will just have to reconsider and make new notes.

I found that all my notes and character work are on my old, fried hard drive. Work has stopped on this title for a time, until I can get my notes or decide to power through without them.
What I’m working on as I try to figure out what is going on with HCD. It’s an older piece that I’m taking back up, it needs work, but shows promise.

  • HCD (working, abbreviated title)

Update: This is back burnered.

Currently stalled on this, yes, again. I’m 56k in and am just unsure what’s going on, where it’s going or how to get there. I think I may be out of my depth, writing a genre that I don’t normally read, but the idea itself was so compelling that I had to try. It may be back burnered until further notice.

  • Beyond the Veil

Update: Have done two editing passes over it. Need to find someone outside to do some type of editing.

My first finished novel, my NaNo ’09 novel.
It’s complete, I have read it through, but haven’t really started editing it, yet. I plan to reread and start the rewrite of BtV after I finish writing When I Needed You Most.

  • Poetry (assorted)

Lately I’m wanting to start writing poetry again. I’ve compiled everything I have. Fixed a few minor things as I did. Have noticed a few I need to back in and rework a bit. Not a priority, but do want to smooth what I have and add more to the collection.


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