NaNo news

Just a brief post to give an update on my NaNoWriMo progress. =]

I started off strong this year, and have been keeping a very good pace. This feels more reminiscent of my first  year, when I didn’t have to try so hard. I’ve only hit one rough patch that stalled me a bit, and even on that day I made over minimum ‘quota’. In 2010 I had a few of these spots, and on several days I dipped below minimum, without as strong of a start.

I don’t know what it was about this story, or the first one, that makes them so much easier for me to write. Maybe once I get better at writing, I’ll figure it out so I can use that to my advantage. For now, I’ll just take it as it comes, and if it comes easier, I’ll be happy and roll with it.

For those who might be interested in the word counts, I’ll post a list here.

  • Day 1: 7,677
  • Day 2: 9,900
  • Day 3: 11,862
  • Day 4: 15,684
  • Day 5: 16,259
  • Day 6: 18,655

The funny thing is Day 5, my low word count day? That wasn’t even when I had a rough patch, Day 3 was. I readjusted my sleeping schedule that day, so I wasn’t awake until noon, sleeping until bedtime and then writing. I can’t feel totally bad about that day with little production.

The jump start the first day was both good and bad. It gives me a cushion against an RA flare day, which I usually have at least one of, during NaNo, so that’s good. On the other hand it’s bad, because I’m ahead, by a nice margin, so the drive to ‘keep going so I don’t get behind’ is gone. Instead I’m trying to set goals for myself. Today, it’s a two part goal. 1-To get my total word count up to 22k, 2-to get my average word count per day back over 3k. I’m not great at math, and have no idea how to figure that out, but use the stats page on the NaNo site, and just update my word count periodically to check it.

I went to vote last night, stood in line for 2 hours to do so. Needless to say, this wasn’t good for my RA, or messed up back. I fell asleep not long after we got home, though I had planned earlier that day to write more, not knowing we’d take so long at the polls. I feel good about missing that writing time, though, for something important.

I’m going to my first NFL game this weekend, and will be bringing my netbook to write on the 8 hour drive to Seattle. I don’t think I’ll get much writing in while we are there, so hopefully I can write on the ride over and back. We’ll soon find out.

I’ve rambled on enough, I’m sure. I better get back to my NaNo novel. Hope your writings are going well, whatever they are. =]




Sorry to the people who do or have stopped by, I took an unannounced hiatus.

Firstly, Cinnamon, my mini doxie died about a week before her first birthday. =[ The vet kept her overnight and ran tests, they weren’t sure what it was and were treating it symptomatically. When they sent her home with meds, she did okay for about a day. The next afternoon, just as husby was on the phone with our vet about bringing her back in, because she wasn’t doing well, she died in my arms. RIP my pretty girl ♥

Then I had a health…situation, shall we say. Nothing immediately life threatening, but ‘serious’ as my surgeon called it. I was in the hospital for a week for surgery and recovery. Sent home for 2 months of bed rest. Not fun.

Then it was summer and husby and I always go into the mountains all weekend every summer, so I never write then. RA takes its revenge for me traipsing through the mountains all day for 3 days straight, I just get feeling okay and we go off and do it all over again the next weekend. We pick huckleberries, gather traditional plants and take lots of pictures. I should share some of those, sometime.

I’m considering doing NaNoWriMo again, getting things settled in case I go for it, plots, chars, writing exercises and the like.

I really should stop playing Glitch* so much and get some writing in. It’s just so addictive, and met some great people. Priorities, though, yes?



*It’s currently in Open Beta. That is my personalized invite link. You can try it before signing up. I get nothing for new recruits, just saying. I just really do love it.

Cinnamon and Nutmeg

I follow Cupcake and read about what’s new on “Cupcake Speaks”.

My puppies decided they needed to be introduced.

May 7th 2011, the day before my birthday, my husby surprised me by bringing home a puppy. We had talked about it beforehand, it’s not like it was a complete surprise…we just hadn’t picked one out yet and weren’t sure exactly when. (That’s for the ‘puppies aren’t gifts’ people.)

She was so small and adorable, a baby mini dachshund.

It took me a couple of days to come up with a name for her, but her warm browns decided me, and I named her Cinnamon. To give you a better picture of her size, my thumb is two and a half inches long. She was so little at first we had to use a kitten bowl for her food and water so she cold reach it. We also had to get her a kitten collar, the extra smalls in the dog aisle were way too big and would fit loosely around her middle. During the day she cried a lot, so I devised a little sling to keep her close to me and still be able to write. It helped, it kept her warm and she was close to the sound of my heartbeat. Then within a week she got used to ‘home’ and ran around playing with toys instead of being in her sling, but she still liked to sleep in it, sometimes. Cinnamon came from a breeder, she was the last of the litter and no one wanted to buy her, so the breeder gave her to husby. She had a pretty typical puppyhood until she came to us.

When Cinnamon was 16 weeks old, husby said there was a little Dameranian (half pomeranian, half mini dachshund) that needed a home. We took him for the weekend to see if he would fit with Cinnamon and the two of us.

He fit in well and we kept him. After a couple of days, his similar coloring and wanting their names to be cute together, I came up with Nutmeg. My favorite type of dog is a Pom, and this little fuzz ball fit the bill.

Now, Nutmeg had a different type of life before he came to us. His first owner had just gotten him, but ended up going to jail. No one knew about the puppy. Nutmeg was at that house for a week without food or water, all alone. The guy we got him from found him, rescued him, but didn’t want to keep him. He knew we had been looking for a puppy, and even though he knew we had gotten Cinnamon, wondered if we would take this one. That’s how our trial weekend got started. Nutmeg was scared of pretty much everything when he first came home. Toys, Cinnamon, us, sounds, smells, anything that moved, being picked up, being on the bed, a leash. I spent time with him, cuddling him, reassuring him that he would be taken care of. I let Cinnamon teach him too, that everything was okay here. After a couple of weeks he was doing a lot better.

Then they got comfortable together, and started acting like real siblings. They started fighting. They still love to fight. But, they like it, because if you separate them, they run around and whine, looking for each other. They bonded while Nutmeg was adjusting.

They have better manners now, know some tricks and listen pretty well, considering neither of them is a year old, yet. Nutmeg was food aggressive with Cinnamon for months, and he can still get that way, but he’s getting better. He got over many of his fears, he loves to go for walks on his leash. Unexpected sounds have him curious now, and not defensive. He still doesn’t like mirrors, though, he barks anytime he can see himself in one, unless I’m holding him. Like a lot of kids, they don’t like their baths, or sitting still to get their nails cut. They try to chew on, or eat, most everything they find, a penny, a piece of paper, lint. They are both getting better with that, too, though. I expect them to be even better as they get older, they get consistency from me about eating things they find on the floor.

They are growing up to be wonderful, pretty well-adjusted kids. If I do say so myself.

They like to sleep together next to (or behind) my chair while I’m writing (or playing) at the computer. If I happen to be on my net book or Kindle Fire, on the bed, that’s where they want to be, too.

They’re happy wherever they are, as long as we’re together. They have a bright future ahead, years of happiness and love. And lots of walks, new toys, treats and belly rubs…some of their very favorite things.


I started writing in kindergarten, with stories. When I got up to middle school I wrote poetry. I wrote poetry throughout high school, got a couple of poems published nationally my senior year. I wrote poetry until around 2002, then the poetry vein I had been tapping for so many years dried up. Or maybe it was more like an addict trashing the vein from use. Whichever it is, it ultimately ended in me being almost unable to write poetry for the last decade. I wrote two poems in 2007, but they don’t have the same passion or voice of any of my earlier work, they are at best, disappointing.

As stated in a previous blog post I lost much of my earlier work. I do have a handful of work from middle and high school, though.

Thought I’d share one here.

This one is from 1988 or 1989, I believe, when I was in 7th or 8th grade.

Mountains so tall.
Purple, blue, or green.
Capped with glistening
white peaks.
Standing guard
over the valley.
Protecting all
who dwell within.

These mountains were the inspiration of the piece.
Mission Mountains

Do you have nature inspired poems? Early work that you look at fondly? I would love to see some from others.

Lost Writings

I compiled the poetry I’ve written, and still have access to, last night.

I have 73 pieces. Some go back to middle school, I’m 36 now.

I lost much of the lower grade, middle school, and high school stuff that were on various floppy disks. I would transfer them to the new disks, until I got out of high school. Then the old programs and actual ‘floppy’ floppy disks couldn’t be used on the newer machines. I saved them for several years, hoping I could find an old machine to use. Sadly, it never happened. I ended up throwing the disks away, losing everything I didn’t have written in a notebook or on a piece of paper tucked away somewhere.


I still wonder about those, what they were about, how good they were(n’t).


Has anyone else lost any of their writings, what happened?

NaNo 10

I won again =]

The story isn’t done and I am working on that, more slowly now.

The deadline kept me on track, but now that I don’t have one, I lack proper motivation. Self imposed deadlines and such don’t work well for me, so I write a lot slower eleven months of the year x]

I was writing on HCD when Nano rolled around, but after I got going on it last time, I once again hit a wall. I just don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing there. I think I may be out of my depth, and though I loathe to put aside 56k, I think it may come to that, unless something clicks and I continue with a better understanding of how things should be.

The WiP that I started for my latest NaNo is, I suppose, YA. The protagonists are teenaged girls, after all. It’s a discovery lesbian love story. It is, as yet, completely untitled. I refer to it as Megan, if I think of it with any kind of ‘title’, because that is the MC’s name. -shrugs- I think it’s one that I have to finish before I find the title, much like the majority of the poetry that I’ve written.

I have interested family and friends that want to read ‘one of my books’. So, after I finish Megan, I will rewrite BtV, then either finish HCD or write something else all together, then rewrite Megan…hopefully starting a working cycle. I plan to find a short list of agents to send BtV around to after it’s rewritten and hopefully I can add that into my working cycle.

Am I getting too involved in the ‘behind the scenes’ type thing, making for boring reading for those who come? I hope not.

I don’t presume to give advice about writing or any aspect of it, so I am chronicling my process and giving insight into what I’m working on…and maybe I can add some success in at some point =]

I’m basically really random and tend to go off on tangents, so don’t be overly surprised if that happens within these very posts!