NaNo news

Just a brief post to give an update on my NaNoWriMo progress. =]

I started off strong this year, and have been keeping a very good pace. This feels more reminiscent of my first  year, when I didn’t have to try so hard. I’ve only hit one rough patch that stalled me a bit, and even on that day I made over minimum ‘quota’. In 2010 I had a few of these spots, and on several days I dipped below minimum, without as strong of a start.

I don’t know what it was about this story, or the first one, that makes them so much easier for me to write. Maybe once I get better at writing, I’ll figure it out so I can use that to my advantage. For now, I’ll just take it as it comes, and if it comes easier, I’ll be happy and roll with it.

For those who might be interested in the word counts, I’ll post a list here.

  • Day 1: 7,677
  • Day 2: 9,900
  • Day 3: 11,862
  • Day 4: 15,684
  • Day 5: 16,259
  • Day 6: 18,655

The funny thing is Day 5, my low word count day? That wasn’t even when I had a rough patch, Day 3 was. I readjusted my sleeping schedule that day, so I wasn’t awake until noon, sleeping until bedtime and then writing. I can’t feel totally bad about that day with little production.

The jump start the first day was both good and bad. It gives me a cushion against an RA flare day, which I usually have at least one of, during NaNo, so that’s good. On the other hand it’s bad, because I’m ahead, by a nice margin, so the drive to ‘keep going so I don’t get behind’ is gone. Instead I’m trying to set goals for myself. Today, it’s a two part goal. 1-To get my total word count up to 22k, 2-to get my average word count per day back over 3k. I’m not great at math, and have no idea how to figure that out, but use the stats page on the NaNo site, and just update my word count periodically to check it.

I went to vote last night, stood in line for 2 hours to do so. Needless to say, this wasn’t good for my RA, or messed up back. I fell asleep not long after we got home, though I had planned earlier that day to write more, not knowing we’d take so long at the polls. I feel good about missing that writing time, though, for something important.

I’m going to my first NFL game this weekend, and will be bringing my netbook to write on the 8 hour drive to Seattle. I don’t think I’ll get much writing in while we are there, so hopefully I can write on the ride over and back. We’ll soon find out.

I’ve rambled on enough, I’m sure. I better get back to my NaNo novel. Hope your writings are going well, whatever they are. =]



2 comments on “NaNo news

  1. abagola says:

    Thanks Genevieve =] I did enjoy it, and didn’t even write a single word while I was gone. I forgot how tired long trips make me, plus all the walking you have to do in hotels and around to restaurants and such. I read three books while I was gone, though, so I’m not one to complain about reading time!

    I hadn’t heard of PiBoIdMo, had to look that one up. I don’t think I could write children’s books, I tend to ramble too much, I take too long to get to the point, I can be redundant when trying to explain. ;] heh

    When I have a deadline for writing a story, that isn’t self imposed, I can write. Usually once I start and the story hooks me, I don’t much problem pouring words into a document. Self imposed deadlines or goals, well, they don’t hold the same motivation for me, I’ve found.

    Hope you come up with some great ideas this month! =]

  2. Numbers totally blow my mind. So do novel writers! I’m doing PiBoIdMo, and that’s enough for me. I only have to count to 30 and write an idea a day. THAT I can do!! Have fun at the football game.

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