Sorry to the people who do or have stopped by, I took an unannounced hiatus.

Firstly, Cinnamon, my mini doxie died about a week before her first birthday. =[ The vet kept her overnight and ran tests, they weren’t sure what it was and were treating it symptomatically. When they sent her home with meds, she did okay for about a day. The next afternoon, just as husby was on the phone with our vet about bringing her back in, because she wasn’t doing well, she died in my arms. RIP my pretty girl ♥

Then I had a health…situation, shall we say. Nothing immediately life threatening, but ‘serious’ as my surgeon called it. I was in the hospital for a week for surgery and recovery. Sent home for 2 months of bed rest. Not fun.

Then it was summer and husby and I always go into the mountains all weekend every summer, so I never write then. RA takes its revenge for me traipsing through the mountains all day for 3 days straight, I just get feeling okay and we go off and do it all over again the next weekend. We pick huckleberries, gather traditional plants and take lots of pictures. I should share some of those, sometime.

I’m considering doing NaNoWriMo again, getting things settled in case I go for it, plots, chars, writing exercises and the like.

I really should stop playing Glitch* so much and get some writing in. It’s just so addictive, and met some great people. Priorities, though, yes?



*It’s currently in Open Beta. That is my personalized invite link. You can try it before signing up. I get nothing for new recruits, just saying. I just really do love it.


2 comments on “Hiatus

  1. abagola says:

    Hey Genevieve =] Thanks ^^ I missed reading about you and Cupcake for sure! It was hard because it was unexpected, she got sick quite suddenly. Nutmeg missed her for a long time, he’d walk around the room sniffing, trying to find her. When he couldn’t find her by sniffing, he’d start his ‘puppy’ whine, broke my heart =[ He’s better now, but clingy to me. Surgery wasn’t RA related, actually. It was totally unrelated, as far as I know. What surgery are you faced with?

  2. OMG, Amber! Welcome back to the blogging world. We have missed you. I’m so sad about Cinnamon. We just barely got to know her. I hope you and your family, including Nutmeg are recovering well from this loss. 😦 I am facing down (resisting) some RA related surgery right now, so seeing you back after the fact is encouraging.

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