Lost Writings

I compiled the poetry I’ve written, and still have access to, last night.

I have 73 pieces. Some go back to middle school, I’m 36 now.

I lost much of the lower grade, middle school, and high school stuff that were on various floppy disks. I would transfer them to the new disks, until I got out of high school. Then the old programs and actual ‘floppy’ floppy disks couldn’t be used on the newer machines. I saved them for several years, hoping I could find an old machine to use. Sadly, it never happened. I ended up throwing the disks away, losing everything I didn’t have written in a notebook or on a piece of paper tucked away somewhere.


I still wonder about those, what they were about, how good they were(n’t).


Has anyone else lost any of their writings, what happened?


2 comments on “Lost Writings

  1. When my old computer packed up, I took the hard drive out, and still have it lying around somewhere. Unfortunatley I only have laptops in the house now, and can’t find a case to fit it to use it as an external HDD for my new machine, so at the present I have quite a lot of work in a place I can’t get to. Not exactly lost, persay, but definitely out of reach for the moment.

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