NaNo 10

I won again =]

The story isn’t done and I am working on that, more slowly now.

The deadline kept me on track, but now that I don’t have one, I lack proper motivation. Self imposed deadlines and such don’t work well for me, so I write a lot slower eleven months of the year x]

I was writing on HCD when Nano rolled around, but after I got going on it last time, I once again hit a wall. I just don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing there. I think I may be out of my depth, and though I loathe to put aside 56k, I think it may come to that, unless something clicks and I continue with a better understanding of how things should be.

The WiP that I started for my latest NaNo is, I suppose, YA. The protagonists are teenaged girls, after all. It’s a discovery lesbian love story. It is, as yet, completely untitled. I refer to it as Megan, if I think of it with any kind of ‘title’, because that is the MC’s name. -shrugs- I think it’s one that I have to finish before I find the title, much like the majority of the poetry that I’ve written.

I have interested family and friends that want to read ‘one of my books’. So, after I finish Megan, I will rewrite BtV, then either finish HCD or write something else all together, then rewrite Megan…hopefully starting a working cycle. I plan to find a short list of agents to send BtV around to after it’s rewritten and hopefully I can add that into my working cycle.

Am I getting too involved in the ‘behind the scenes’ type thing, making for boring reading for those who come? I hope not.

I don’t presume to give advice about writing or any aspect of it, so I am chronicling my process and giving insight into what I’m working on…and maybe I can add some success in at some point =]

I’m basically really random and tend to go off on tangents, so don’t be overly surprised if that happens within these very posts!


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