Dusting off

Just an update on what I’m doing:

I’m dusting off an older piece, I started it at least 5 years ago, I got it to a point and got stymied on a new character and what she would do for the plot.

I had Word when I was writing it, now I’m using Works, so things got a litle garbled when I opened it. A few parts moved, there was a lot of coding embedded throughout. (went from 27 pages down to 17-it was a mess!) I just finished cleaning it up, and read a bit as I went along, it definitely needs work. Tense switching, repetative dialog and I saw some general lack of coherency/consistency. But with a bit of work, I think it will be worth going back to.

HCD is stalled, I don’t like recent days’ writings, but won’t know how much to chop until after I continue. But its hard, because I don’t want to go off in a pointless direction with more writing stemming from the work I have done. So, I’m going to write on the romance while I flog HCD in my head until I can figure out what’s going on and where to go from here. I don’t think I had a clear enough internal outline in my head when I started, but moot point now, I have to deal with it. Maybe I’ll be more careful and better prepared next time, after having learned from this.

I don’t have a working title for the old wip, yet. Will hopefully find one that fits when I finish reading what I have.


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