Character Development, how much is enough?

Written: 26Jan10

My MC for HCD is giving me a bit of trouble today. I did 5 pages of character development, facts, backstory and the like. Yet, many times I have to stop writing to actually think (perish the thought!) of what her reaction would be.
My Veil MC did not give me as much trouble, and I had less written about him, development-wise.
So, how do I know this new MC less, when I have her more developed? Maybe I didn’t ask the right questions, ones pertinent to what she would be experiencing in HCD. Maybe I’m overthinking things, which would not surprise me, I know I have a tendancy to overthink things.
I don’t think the rough draft of HCD is going to turn out to be as flowing or well put together as Veil’s. I know I’m not objective in this matter, but the writing of HCD is a little harder than the writing of Veil was, and I think that shows (or will show) in the finished 1st drafts.
But, they are very different stories, so, like children, a writer can’t expect them to behave the same, though they are closely related. They have their own personalities, their own way of doing things.
Maybe I will find that as I go along, HCD gets easier, and that the editing process of this girl will help her mature beyond the uncertain girl she is at present.

I guess, just write it as it comes, even if I have to stop and consider along the way. At least the storyline will be there, and I can rework later. Because, yes, I know…rough drafts are called ‘rough’ for a reason. That is certainly seeming to be true in HCD’s case.

May your words flow like a babbling brook, writers.



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